Membership of the Commonwealth Nurses and and Midwives Federation (CNMF) is open to all national nursing and midwifery associations in Commonwealth countries. Members associations of the CNF are divided into six regions: Atlantic Region; East, Central and Southern Africa Region; Europe Region; Pacific Region; Asia Region; and West Africa Region.

At the 21st Biennial Meeting held in London 7 March 2014, CNMF members voted to expand membership categories to affiliate, associate, and individual. The description of the different membership categories can be found in the CNMF Constitution 2014 and also on the 'Join/Renew Membership page'. Subscription rates are outlined in the document below.

CNMF Membership Fees 2014-2016
CNMF Constitution May 2014

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There are currently fifty three Commonwealth countries.
Asia Region
Atlantic Region
East Central and Southern Africa Region
Europe Region
Pacific Region
West Africa Region