>> CNMF Strategic Plan 2020-2022

The purpose of the CNMF is to contribute to the improved health of citizens of the Commonwealth by fostering access to nursing and midwifery education, influencing health policy, developing nursing and midwifery networks, and strengthening nursing and midwifery leadership.


The CNMF will provide a wide range of programs and activities in consultation with, and in partnership with, members.

1. Programs will be developed in response to identified needs and emerging issues.
2. Programs conducted by the CNMF will be determined in consultation with members and the CNMF Board.
3. Board members will be actively involved in delivering CNMF programs.
4. All programs will be evaluated and a report made publicly available on the CNMF website.
5. Programs will be provided across all regions of the CNMF.


The CNMF will provide a high quality service to members providing information, regular communication, and supporting capacity building and leadership development.

1. Current membership will be actively maintained and new membership within the expanded membership categories will be sought.
2. Members will be provided with regular communication on issues of interest to them.
3. Input from members will be sought when preparing CNMF responses to issues of interest or concern.
4. The membership data base will be kept current.
5. Members will have access to capacity building and leadership support within the CNMF resources.


The CNMF will have a dynamic communication strategy which will effectively and attractively promote its purpose and activities to members and other stakeholders.

1. The CNMF e-News will be published monthly.
2. The Commonwealth Nurse will be published online from its own website to increase access and reduce paper, printing and postage costs.
3. The CNMF website will be updated regularly.
4. The CNMF will have a regular presence on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
5.Opportunities will be sought to have CNMF activities publicised in other communication media and published in other relevant journals.


The CNMF will maintain active links with relevant stakeholders within the Commonwealth and the wider international community in order to fulfil its purpose.

1. Close links with the Commonwealth Foundation and the Commonwealth Secretariat will be maintained and opportunities pursued to partner with these organisations particularly in relation to Commonwealth Ministers' meetings.
2. Active participation in the Commonwealth Health Professions and Partners Alliance will be maintained in order to influence policy at Commonwealth level.
3. Opportunities will be sought to partner with other organisations in activities which support the objectives of the CNMF.
4. Close links will be maintained with the International Council of Nurses and the International Confederation of Midwives.
5. Formal links will be established and maintained with other relevant organisations.


The CNMF will be a well governed, responsive, responsible and transparent organisation.

1. The President, Deputy President and Board members will be actively engaged with all aspects of the organisation's governance and decision making.
2. Democratic elections will be held in a timely manner and in accordance with the CNMF Constitution.
3. Reports will be provided quarterly by the Executive Secretary to the CNMF Board covering all key strategic areas.
4. The Constitution, and other relevant documents of the organisation, will be reviewed in consultation with members prior to each CNMF Biennial Meeting.
5. The Annual Report and annual financial audit of the organisation will be circulated to members and other stakeholders and made available on the CNMF website.


The CNMF will maintain effective and efficient administrative processes with specific consideration to reducing costs and environmental impact.

1. All files of the CNMF will be held in a secure electronic format.
2. All old paper format files will be scanned and uploaded to the permanent archival site on the CNMF website.
3. A single comprehensive, current, and secure data base will service communication with members and other stakeholders.
4. All complaints received will be responded to in a timely manner and a report provided to the Board.
5. A project will be developed and funding sought to develop a history of the CNMF.


The CNMF will have a financial growth strategy, a diversified financial base, and operate within open and transparent financial systems.

1. Membership subscriptions will be invoiced annually and payment of membership subscriptions will be actively pursued by the Executive Secretary and by Board members on request.
2. Opportunities will be actively sought to apply for grants, consultancies and sponsorships; and where feasible, work provided on behalf of other organisations will be on a cost recovery basis.
3. End of year financial statements will be prepared which include a comprehensive breakdown of income and expenditure.
4. The financial accounts of the CNMF will be subject to an annual audit which will be publicly available to members, be uploaded to the CNMF website, and form part of the CNMF Annual Report.
5. All legal requirements of the CNMF as a registered private limited company in the United Kingdom will be met.