Our Health: Our Common Wealth

» Conference Program March 2012
» Book of Abstracts March 2012
» Inaugural CNF Conference Report

PRESENTATIONS (avaiable on request)

P.01 Peter Carter (UK)

Leadership in Nursing

P.05 Deva Marie Beck (Canada)

Daring, caring and sharing! Keeping our      Nightingale legacy alive and thriving

002. Adelaide Ofei (Ghana)

Improving the quality of life of pregnant women usig the IPTp-SP: experiences from the Dangme West District Ghana

003. Adelaide Ofei (Ghana)

The prevalence of low back pain among nurses at the surgical department of Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra, Ghana

009. Annie Young (UK)

Bringing oncology clinical trials awareness to an international nursing audience via a web-based course

015. Flora Neh (Cameroon)

The use of information technology in five hospitals in Cameroon

026. Loveday Penn-Kekana (South Africa)
Analysing nursing policy developments in post-apartheid South Africa

028. Malachy Ujam (UK)

Mental health crisis in Africa: recognising the issues and suggesting ways forward

034. Rachel Finn (UK)

Can patient care be improved by using electronic nurse rostering?

035. Laetitia Rispel (South Africa)

We need that money and we need it immediately: moonlighting decisions of nurses in South Africa

058. Laetitia Rispel (South Africa)
Today was a hectic day: exploring the average working day of nursing unit managers in South Africa

042. Doris Aquilina: (Malta)
Adherence to treatment after reinforcement by the Rheumatology Nurse Specialist

044. Elizabeth Oywer (Kenya)
Using ICT for workforce planning: a case of mental health nurses in Kenya

072. Tzuu Ling Tan (Singapore)
Redesigning the nursing clinical handover process: bedside intershift handover

082. Marion Howard (Barbados)
Meeting the health MDGs: a Caribbean perspective

084. Marion Howard (Barbados)
A safe profession, a safe nurse, a safe patient

053. Ruth Norway (UK)
Improving the health of people with intellectual disabilities

051. Tonio Pace (Malta)
Undergoing tonsillectomy: experiences of parents and children in Malta

076. Zamasomi Luvuno (South Africa)
Fast tracking patients with multi-drug resistant TB to HAART initiation using quality improvement technology

077. Zamasomi Luvuno (South Africa)
MCWH QI at scale: DASHBORD in action in the Kwa Zulu Natal Province South Africa

013. Christiana Kouta (Cyprus)
The use of innovative technology in community care

P.02 Christine Hancock(UK)
The nurses' role in preventing suffering and containing health care costs

P.07 Yvonne Chaperon (Australia)
Working together for a healthy nursing and midwifery workforce


P.06 Andrea Spyropoulos (UK)
Doing things differently: innovation and excellence in nursing practice


006. Andreas Xyrichis (Cyprus)
Unintended consequences of information technology on team work in intensive care

045. Fiona Scalpello Hammett (Malta)
Death anxiety among health professionals

010. Chika Ugochukwu (Nigeria)
Meeting the health related MDGs: challenges and the way forward

021. Julia Philippou (UK)
Managing careers as a strategy for developing a dynamic workforce

007. Jonathan Zhang Hong En (Singapore)
Evaluation of the inter-rater reliability of two falls risk assessment tools in the inpatient setting

027. Senesie Margao (Sierra Leone)
The challenge for nurses and midwives of a government free health care initiative

030. Hlolisie Ngidi (South Africa)
Retrospective clinical chart review on the documentation of core PMTCT activities in Kwa Zulu Natal Province South Africa

031. Maraka Monaphathi (Lesotho)
Nurses' views on improving midwifery practice in Lesotho

036. Alice Tambe Agbor (Cameroon)
The effects of climate on nursing students' health and wellbeing

039. Meera Padmaraj (India)
Challenges in nursing education in India

047. Hannah Grima Formosa (Malta)
Death anxiety among health care professionals

070. Willamae Stuart Hamilton (Bahamas)
Innovations for excellence in nursing: the Bahamian experience

078. Eileen Richardson (UK)
Meeting the educational needs of Kenya's private nurse practitioners

081. Thelma Lopez (Botswana)
Developing an integrated non-relational data management system

069. Trixie McAree (UK)
Is Vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy still a public health issue?

083. Joyce Kamdonyo (Tanzania)
Enhancing midwifery capacity to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality in the ECSA region by scaling up midwifery educator training

004. Joyce Kamdonyo (Tanzania)

Strengthening capacity to reduce newborn mortality in the ECSA reigon

004. Andreas Charalambous (Cyprus)
Introducing eNurse for the management of respiratory symptoms in patients with lung cancer


P.03 Neil Pakenham-Walsh (UK)
Meeting the information needs of nurses and midwives in low and middle income countries

P.08 Marla Salmon (USA)
Leadership legacy: caring lessons from around the world

P.04 Siya Kulkarni (India)
Me and my net

008. Lynne Dodson and Vanita Sharma (UK)
Oncology nurse training program in Ghana, Uganda and Malawi

012. Lee Lay Eng (Singapore)
Improving the process of retrieval of consumable items during mass casualty events and monthly stock inventory

022. Kateca Graham (Bahamas)
Candid voices in the evaluation process of the School of Nursing

024. Lesley-Anne Long and Elisabeth Clarke (UK)
The HEAT programme: flexible and scalable training for frontline health workers

025. Nasrifudin Bin Najumudin (Singapore)

A nurse managed telephone follow up and home visit programme for patients with high risk of unscheduled readmissions

032. Pisirai Ndarukwa (Zimbabwe)
Factors contributing to abortions at Chitungwiza Population Service, Zimbabwe Reproductive Health Clinic

033. Pisirai Ndarukwa (Zimbabwe)
Student nurses' views on the pregnancy policy implemented by Zimbabwe Ministry of Health

029. Michael Larui (Solomon Islands)
Development of nursing regulation in Solomon Islands

041. Dhunraj Foolchand (Mauritius)
An analysis of the factors influencing nurse migration from Mauritius

040. Dhunraj Foolchand (Mauritius)
A study on knowledge of foot care among diabetic patients in Mauritius

049. Maura Buchanan (UK)

Making a difference through health partnerships

046. Geoffrey Axiak (Malta)

The relationship between nutritional status and chemotherapy induced stress

052. Paula Proctor (UK)
Bridging the information gap for the common good

056. Sharon Peters (UK)
Bransbury Park Young Persons' Drop in Centre, Portsmouth, UK

075. Noraini Sahaat (Singapore)
Improving the time taken to orient patients to the orthopaedic ward environment

079. Unice Goshomi (Zimbabwe)
Knowledge of pregnancy induced hypertension complications and health seeking behaviour among pregnant women

080. Lalitha Meegoda (Sri Lanka)

Palliative care needs of adult cancer patients at a national centre in Sri Lanka