Toward 2020: Celebrating nursing and midwifery leadership

12-13 March 2016 London UK Conference 2016 Book of Abstracts

Mary Chiarella - 200 years of making the extraordinary ordinary
Lynn McDonald - Nightingales mentoring of early nursing leaders
Linda Lewis - Twenty six years using the Magnet model
Erich Grech and Marie Claire Pellegrini - Leading with humour
Dickon Weir Hughes and Catherine Stoddart - From locally excellent to internationally exceptional
Fleur Anderson - WaterAid

LEADERSHIP IN CLINICAL PRACTICE Heather Moore - The challenge of adapting a nursing model to fit remoteness Pammla Petrucka and Marie Dietrich Leurer - Hearing womens voices
Zurab Elzarov - Call a Midwife initiative
Anne Marie Sanderson - Preventing delirium
Annatjie van der Wath - The wounded healer
Neltjie van Wyk - Becoming the mother of a child with disabilities
Neltjie van Wyk - Two male nurses caring for female patients after intimate partner violence
Cindy Chua - Advance Practice Nurse outreach service
Sunita Lawrence - Rhizome for midwifery care

Loretta Crumlish and Kate Keeling - Safeguarding children attending emergency departments Michael Koroma - Crisis management ebola virus disease
Charlotte McArdle and Angela Reed - Delivering care from policy to practice
Howard Catton - International systems of revalidation
Pamela Shaw - Health visiting
Rebecca Pomaa Effah - Developing a new and sustainable mental health workforce
Juvena Gan - Nurse led spontaneous awakening trial
Di Lamb and Lizzy Bernthal - Developing a culture of research and publication Angela Reed - Recording care

Emma Kwegyir Afful - Lift less to prevent prematurity and low birth weight
Mabel Magowe - Results of a task sharing survey
Anuradha Perera - Food myths and nutrition among antepartum women in Sri Lanka
Geoffrey Axiak - Nutritional screening in the eldery
Tirah Haruna - Postpartum family planning
Mariatha Yazbek - Measurement of pain first stage of labour
Nisha NeddRedefining the role of Emergency Medical Technicians
Oslinah Tagutanazov - A holistic care model for women living with HIV

LEADERSHIP IN MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION Helen Kirk - Revalidation of nurses in UK public health practice
James Asamani - Nurse managers leadership styles in Ghana
Lana Jones Sandy - The importance of clinical audit in maternity
Adelaide Ansah Ofei - Perceived and preferred leaderhip behaviour of nurse managers at the unit level
Donna Kinnair - The role of supernumerary ward leaders in delivering better patient care
Janet Davies - Global lessons from a partnership between two national nursing organisations
Patricia O Callaghan - Fostering nursing leadership across international boundaries
Hitoe Kanai - An overview of the Nightingale KOMI care theory and system
Mary Chiarella - Managing up Strategies in grass roots leadership Mabel Magowe - Integration of HIV and AIDS into nursing and midwifery curricula in Botswana

Sharon Burnside - Nurse mentor questioning during nursing student clinical assessments
Sunitra Lawrence - Virtual learning a path to enhance midwifery judgement
Carol McCorry - A model of support for existing sign off mentors Anne Finn and Majella Doran - A self sustainable model for advanced communications skills training
Rosemarie Josey - Nurturing and launching the new generation of nursing and midwifery leaders