NUMBER 48 | 2013

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The focus for this issue of the Commonwealth Nurse is mental health. Mental ill health is the third leading cause of disease burden in the world, predicted to be the leading disease burden by 2030. Mental ill health affects one in four people worldwide at some time in their life.
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A legislative framework for mental health
The theme for the 2013 Commonwealth Health Ministersí meeting in Geneva in May 2013 was mental health. In preparation for the meeting, the Commonwealth Health Professions Alliance, of which the CNF is a founding member and secretary, commissioned research into mental health legislation across the Commonwealth from a human rights perspective.
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WHO Mental health in development
Dr Michelle Funk, Coordinator, Mental Health Policy, Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, World Health Organisation (WHO), was a keynote speaker at the Commonwealth Partnersí Forum held in conjunction with the 2013 Commonwealth Health Ministersí meeting in Geneva in May. The theme of the Commonwealth Health Ministersí meeting was mental health.
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Mental health nursing forum
The Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Federation, in partnership with the Australian Nursing Federation and the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses, facilitated a Mental Health Nursing Forum in Melbourne Australia on Wednesday 15 May. Ontario Shores Foundation for Mental Health in Canada and the Commonwealth Foundation sponsored a number of participants from developing countries to attend the Forum. The Australian Nursing Federation sponsored the venue and sustenance for participants.
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