and condemns Russian invasion

The CNMF unequivocally condemns the invasion by Russia of the sovereign nation of Ukraine. There is absolutely no justification for this action.

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) has also condemned the illegal invasion of Ukraine and the military action against its people and called for an immediate ceasefire; an end to all hostilities; and the commencement of intensified diplomatic negotiations to secure peace.

The ICN has launched a campaign #Nurses for Peace. National nursing and midwifery associations and individuals are urged to sign the petition. The CNMF stands with the ICN and urges all our members to sign the petition.

Members can also send a message of support directly to the President of the Nurses Association of Ukraine


   25th CNMF Biennial Meeting of Members
               Saturday 24 September 2022

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The date for the 25th Biennial Meeting of Members has been changed to Saturday 24 September due to conflicting activities around previous advertised dates.

* Registration Form CNMF 25th Biennial Meeting 2022
* CNMF 25th Biennial Meeting 2022 Draft Agenda

The 2022 Biennial Meeting of Members will be an online meeting due to the ongoing difficulties faced by many Commonwealth countries in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, access to vaccination, and travel and quarantine restrictions. The meeting will be held twice in two different time zones to accommodate the attendance of members from all Commonwealth countries.

Members will be provided with more information over the next few weeks. In the meantime, please 'save the date' so you are able to join us for this important decision-making meeting.


6th Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Conference

The CNMF Board have taken the decision to postpone the 6th Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Conference which was due to be held in 2022. The CNMF was very fortunate that a successful 5th Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Conference was able to be held just before country lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is still very difficult for CNMF members fom many countries to travel internationally. The 6th Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Conference will therefore be postponed until 2024. Information regarding the date, venue and theme for the Conference will be available at the end of 2022.

2022 Regional Conferences

The CNMF Board has decided to hold six regional conferences in the first half of 2022. The CNMF six regions are: the Pacific; Asia, Atlantic; West Africa; Europe; and East, Central and Southern Africa. The CNMF Board Member for each region will decide the theme for the regional conference for their area and invite local speakers and other CNMF members and friends.

More information will be sent to members as themes, dates and programs are finalised. The regional conferences will be held online.


2021 Global Health Security Index (GHSI)

The 2021 GHS Index measures the capacities of 195 countries to prepare for epidemics and pandemics. The GHS Index assesses countries' health security and capabilities across six categories (prevent; detect; respond; health systems; norms; and risk) and 37 indicators.

The 2021 report, released in December 2021, shows that all countries remain dangerously unprepared for future epidemic and pandemic threats, including threats potentially more devastating than COVID-19.

Read the full report ( and use the interactive map to see how your country scored.