Message from the CNMF President


On behalf of the CNMF President and Board of the CNMF, I want to take the opportunity of IND 2021 to say thank you for the truly wonderful way nurses have responded to the challenges and demands of the pandemic; to pay tribute to those who contracted COVID-19 themselves in the course of their work; and to honour those nurses, other health professionals and health workers who lost their own lives while serving their communities.

The pandemic is far from over but I know that nurses will stay the course and continue to provide compassionate and skilful care for as long as it is required.

One thing is certain, the world is very likely to face other crises: if not pandemics, then extreme weather events as a result of the climate crisis, and civil unrest as a result of increasing inequity within and between countries. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted significant deficiencies in health systems across the world in being able to respond effectively in a crisis, not the least being long term inadequate investment in a sufficient health workforce. Once the pandemic is over, we must not forget the lessons learned and together, lobby to make sure that those health system deficiencies are addressed, so we are better prepared to meet similar challenges in the future.

The theme of the International Council of Nurses for IND 2021 is “Nurses: a voice to lead – a vision for future health care”. The CNMF vision is for a future where countries invest in their health workforce to build truly responsive health systems; work cooperatively together, in peace, to systematically eliminate global inequities; and work actively together to address the climate crisis and biodiversity loss so our planet does actually have a future.

Professor Kathleen McCourt

CNMF President


International Day of the Midwife

The International Day of the Midwife (IDM) is celebrated on 5 May. This year the theme is Follow the data: invest in midwives. IDM 2021 has been highlighted with the release of the State of the World's Midwifery report. Go to
On behalf of the CNMF President and Board, thank you to all our midwives who are our custodians of the future: carefully, expertly and compassionately shepherding the next generation into the world.


The Commonwealth Secretariat has developed a coronavirus tracker that shows daily cases in member countries. The tracker collects data from the World Health Organization (WHO) and shows the total confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths in affected Commonwealth countries.

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24th CNMF Biennial Meeting of Members

The 24th CNMF Biennial Meeting of Members was held Thursday 5 March 2020 in London UK. The meeting received reports from the CNMF President, Executive Secretary and Treasurer. Constitutional changes and two policy statements were endorsed and three policy discussions held: the climate crisis; gender equity; international recruitment of nurses and midwives. A report of the meeting will be available soon.

» CNMF 24th Biennial Meeting 2020 Draft Minutes
» 24th CNMF Biennial Meeting agenda
» Executive Secretary Report
» Treasurer Report
» Policy Statement on Continuing Professional Development
» Policy Statement on the Relationship between Nursing and Midwifery

5th Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Conference

A very successful 5th Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Conference was held 6-7 March 2020 also in London UK. Over 300 nurses and midwives attended from every region of the Commonwealth to network, listen to 126 excellent presentations. The presentations will shortly be uploaded to the CNMF website.

» Conference program
» Conference Book of Abstracts


The WHO has released the first State of the World Nursing Report. The report provides the latest, most up to date evidence on and policy options for the global nursing workforce. It also presents a compelling case for considerable, yet feasible, investment in nursing education, employment, and leadership. Download the report at: